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If you are looking to create engaging interactive content for your social media audience, 360 degree video is for you. VR 360 pk have the experience, skills and technology to create cutting edge interactive branded content in a professional friendly manner.

360 VR Videos

The Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus is the standout device for viewing 360 video. The Gear VR doesn’t require a high end PC like the other headsets, but still allows users to look around in all directions. Showing off a real life location and people as if the user was standing in the position of the camera. As a 360 video production company, we specialise in providing 360˚ VR video files for viewing in Samsung Gear VR Headsets..

360 VR Photography

We produce films and video that can be uploaded to facebook for facebook 360˚ video . Videos produced by us, can be viewed on desktop by dragging the mouse, or on the facebook app by moving your device physically. VR Video files also appear in the streaming app for the Samsung Gear VR headset for ultimate immersion..

360 VR Tours

We are 360˚ video producers and shoot films and VR video that upload to YouTube 360˚ video #360video. Videos can be viewed on desktop by dragging the mouse, or on the YouTube app by moving your device physically. YouTube delivers streaming video into multiple file sizes right up to 4k and you can embed these into your website..

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