VR Video Services

There are three key approaches for 360˚ presentations. Whether you are looking for Hotel tours, a venu tour, or a wedding event space tour we can help. We offer great value packages and can have 360 street-maps available within 24hours subject to approval by Google.

OPTION A: VR 360˚ Video

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This is a linear presentation in 360˚ video for Virtual Reality Headsets. The finished video can also be used on a website as a 360˚ video that can be moved around with a mouse or touch. The VR headset video can be stereoscopic (eyes see slightly different videos) or 2D (each eye sees the same thing – this is what is used online when a desktop version is used). As a brand owner you can control the message and guide a visitor though yoru venue seeing the best of what there is to offer. This is usually the best approach for showing a venue.

OPTION B: Interactive Walkthrough

Hotel Tours - 360˙ Video for Hotels and Venues 4

This is a video presentation where the visitor can choose where they go next. Typically there is a single shot per location with interactivity between the viewer and staff, for example checking into the hotel, or being served at a bar. We link videos together and this is an ‘experience’ best viewed on a Virtual Reality headset but also works on a 2d screen using with the mouse or touch to pan around. See a one shot example below from our Savoy Experience. (not links are deactivated as this is just an example – In the finished product we toured over 20 spaces throughout the hotel)

OPTION C: Street View (Google)


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